9 April 2022

To all my valued patients,

 Statement of Policy on Fees and Payments

The cost of running any business, and especially one as licensed and regulated as a medical practice, is substantial.  Part of my practice philosophy is to combine excellence with frugality, keep my overhead as low as possible, and then pass those savings along to you in the form of the lowest feasible fee for services. 

However, costs continue to rise, including the fees for credit card merchant services.  Accordingly, the following payment practices will now be in effect.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

  1. I will have to charge a fee for no-shows, which will be 25% of the appointment fee. For example, for the $80 brief visit, the no-show fee will be $20 (in contrast, most psychiatrists charge 100% of the appointment fee for a no-show).  Of course, exceptions will be made for personal emergencies.
  2. Due to an increase in credit card fees for small merchant accounts, I will now offer a 5% discount for payment in cash or check. Payment will continue to be accepted via credit card, debit card, HSA card, Apple Pay, or Venmo.
  3. For those of you on meds that must be renewed with a brand new prescription every month, I am still trying to account for the time involved. I will never require an appointment just for the purpose of authorizing a refill when an appointment is not otherwise medically indicated, but I am still pondering the appropriateness & feasibility of a small surcharge, or “refill fee” for this service.  Stay tuned.
  4. Finally, I am holding the line on fees as much as possible but given the inflationary environment which has increased overhead across the board, there may be a fee increase coming, not likely until 2023.
  5. Above all, know that I am not happy unless I am providing you with the best possible medical (psychiatric) care available, and although I love each and every one of you, it is my ultimate desire that you move your journey forward, solve your problems, win your battles, accept your defeats, surmount your challenges, and eventually, get your fee down to zero because you won’t have to come and see me anymore.

Thank you,

Larry H. Pastor, MD