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Dr. Pastor’s Resume

Why Choose Dr. Larry Pastor


Reston-Oakton Anxiety and Depression Solutions

ROADS (Reston-Oakton Anxiety and Depression solutions) brings together Dr. Pastor’s vision for the highest quality healthcare treatment available in a practice dedicated to positive solutions, compassion and respect for the individual with careful consideration of the whole person and their unique needs, free from the impersonalized medicine of managed mega-corporations.

Dr. Pastor has over 30 years in a wide range of settings. He has treated adults, adolescents, and children, serving military and civilian populations, working solo or in vast government institutions, and treating everyone from high-end executive private clients to overburdened middle-class families, to indigent community mental health populations.

In forming Reston-Oakton Anxiety & Depression Solutions (“ROADS”), Dr. Pastor has been able to practice medicine and psychiatry the way he believes it should be practiced: by keeping and building on all that is great in medicine and, as much as humanly possible, eliminating or minimizing the worst of it including bureaucracy, burnout, and budget-busting medical bills.

The Mind-Brain Psychiatry™ Story
and a personal word from Dr. Pastor:

 “I am deeply passionate about medicine, psychology, and the amazing human story that each individual has to share. As your doctor, I will first and foremost strive to diagnose and treat illness. Just as critically, I believe in treating the whole person, and not just a collection of symptoms or misfiring brain neurons. My personal belief is that if your doctor treats only the brain, then he or she is mindless; if your doctor treats only the mind, then he or she is brainless. Hence, “mind-brain psychiatry.” I see health as much more than just the absence of disease. Health is the restoration of wellness and well-being. This involves treating the entire person and aligning wellness with my medical expertise and each patient’s personal goals. My mission is to be the highest quality, lowest hassle, most accessible practice possible and I invite you to allow me to be your psychiatrist. That’s my story. Now tell me, what’s your story?”

Why Seek Help Now?

If you’re suffering, struggling, or failing to achieve your potential, you’ve got a choice: you can wait a month, a year, or several years and get help after prolonged suffering, or you can decide to get help now. Perhaps you are tied up in a false belief and you fear that asking for help won’t do any good. Or maybe you have gotten help in the past, and it did not help in the way you needed or wanted. I understand all of these as barriers to wellness and I would like to encourage you to move past those false beliefs and reach out for help now. Prolonged suffering has consequences on both the body and the brain. I am up to date on the latest advances in psychiatry and medicine, and would like to see you get help now and start living your best life. If you get help now, you can start feeling better sooner and ten years from now you will be able to look back on a decade of years that are happy, not crappy. The choice is yours. I welcome the opportunity to help you and I look forward to hearing from you.